Top 12 Locations For Photographs In Austin Texas

We are constantly looking for new and exciting places to shoot in Austin and there’s no shortage of gorgeous backdrops all over the hill country to make our client’s images stand out. We’ve shot at over 500 locations in the last 10 years. Some of those, like the Pennybacker Bridge or the unlimited number of graffiti walls, are great for a few shots but don’t have enough variety or depth to hold up to a whole session. The criteria for this list includes variety, accessibility, lighting options, and beauty. You can spend an afternoon at any of these and come away with timeless images.

The Amtrak Station


I know. It sounds shady and the senior portrait on the train tracks is as overdone as the feather/bird tattoo but there is a lot to shoot here. Dilapidated brick facades, leading lines, a surprising amount of greenery, and surrounding buildings that add a half dozen different looks. Lots of parking available but don’t hang out on the tracks. The police officers don’t share your desire for the perfectly framed rail shot. Or any sense of humor you might have.

The Zilker Botanical Gardens


This one’s a layup. It’s gorgeous, perfect, huge, and just South of the river. Bring 2 bucks to get in and shoot absolutely anywhere.

Bull Creek Park


This has been my primary family photo session spot in the fall for the last decade. The colors are outstanding and those huge rock walls are their own gift. If the water is high, there’s no better river shot in town.

The Capitol


The state capitol building is higher than the national one in D.C. If you’re proud of that fact, this is a great spot. Don’t spend the whole shoot outside, there’s a ton to shoot inside.

The Austin Convention Center Parking Garage


Striking enough to be shot on its own but the surrounding area provides a lot of secondary spots. Try shooting from the ground and catch the whole wall. Watch for cars.

The East Side Showroom


A great bar with some well crafted food that really cares about their aesthetic. This was for a 1920’s themed session but we’ve been back more than once for a contemporary shoot. Also another spot that benefits from great surrounding locations.

Laguna Gloria


Meticulously kept and full of textured leading lines. It’s one of several here that charge for professional photo shoots but it’s well worth it.

The Long Center


This is the sunset spot for lovers of Austin. The skyline reflects the changing colors and the building itself acts as a great reflector of light. Check their calendar for events that will kill a private session in a hurry.

Mayfield Park


The peacocks are very welcoming and the lake is only a few steps away. Another great spot for fall colors and my favorite place to pose families in a natural surrounding.

South Congress Avenue


The storefronts lining SoCo are bright and beautiful, the wall at Jo’s coffee loves you so much and the capitol is in the background. There’s also the San Jose Hotel for the brave trespasser.

Wells Branch Park


North Austin’s hidden gem provides incredible lighting for longer than any other spot like it. It’s full of great little spots as well as some plainly obvious backdrops for almost any client.

My Secret Bluebonnet Patch


It’s perfect, untouched, and it’s mine. It’s in Texas.

I hope you enjoyed this list of beautiful locations close to home here in Ausin, Texas. If you would like to discuss any of these locations further or schedule a professional session with an experienced austin photographer, please don’t hesitate to contact me.