Real Estate Photography

Should I shoot photos myself or should I hire a professional photographer for my real estate images? Well, the fact that most people search for new homes through the internet makes the latter the best choice. You can have a digital SLR or a really nice smartphone with excellent camera along with some fancy filters, but unless you’re a professional photographer yourself, you can never duplicate the quality of a real estate photographer.

Having a professional photographer take photos of your house can definitely bring out the best of the property. Real estate agents agree on this, as online presence and advertising are both crucial for a successful sale.

Most real estate agents today, if not all, have their own website, blog or pages in social media where they can post information about the houses they’re selling. The thing about people searching for homes online is that, they base their initial impression of homes and properties on the pictures and information real estate agents put on different platforms. Good photography is what compels potential buyers to view the house.

High-Quality Photos Get More Attention

When a typical house hunter looks at online listings, one of the first things they will do is look and search through the photos of the property online.

Photo areas on real estate websites are almost always viewed first, and high-quality images get more attention than poorly-shot photos. Also, most people on the internet won’t even bother to look and read listings without photographs. And surprisingly, a large percentage of people also don’t reach agent’s remarks section even in listings with photos.

What Professional Real Estate Photographers Bring to the Table

A study conducted by Redfin in 2010 showed that home listings with pictures done by a professional photographer get 61% more online views. This could spell the difference between being seen by your target potential buyers and being ignored.

Using Photos as Marketing Tools

Obviously, real estate photography is part of the real estate agent’s marketing toolkit. And as most types of photography, the idea is to create an inspiration. Artistic, high quality photos are inspirational marketing tools. If potential home buyers search the internet and get inspired by your photo, there’s a good chance they will click through the website or page of the real estate agent. And this is the best time to grab their attention. If they click back, then there’s a good chance you have lost them forever.

Bottom Line

The competition in real estate market has always been fierce. More and more people today are focused on technology, and as a realtor it is your job to keep up with the trend and provide the best opportunities for your clients to sell their property. This is where the benefits of professional real estate photography come into the picture. These photographers see the world in a different way – through the lens of their camera. They can bring out the best of the house; make it look more appealing and inviting for potential buyers.