Professional Photography

Finding the best professional photographer is almost similar to finding the right designer and dressmaker for your wedding gown. There are definitely lousy ones, and great ones, cheap ones and expensive ones. Unfortunately, there aren’t any regulations, licenses, or legal restrictions on people marketing themselves as photographers. Thus, there is no guarantee on to the quality of their work. But in a world where anyone can pick up DSLR camera and call themselves a photographer, finding the right professional photographer that fits your needs can be a challenge.

You can of course, always refer to reviews, check their portfolio and ask recommendations from your friends. But that won’t still be enough, as what works for others may not work for you. Plus, you obviously have different needs and requirements from others. So how do you narrow down your choices? Here are the first three things you need to consider when hiring a professional photographer.

Photography Organizations Can Help You

Because there are no governing bodies that overlook the qualifications of people who claim as photographers, legitimate professional photographers founded formal organizations to regulate and monitor the quality of skills of their members. Professional photography organizations like WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) and PPA (Professional Photographers of America) are just two of the prime examples of legit photography organizations. These organizations conduct conventions every year and host trade shows to showcase the skills of their members as well as advance their industry’s quality of standard. These organizations implement code of ethics for its members to follow.

They also provide insurance for their members, which should come in handy for clients where location of business and nature of the photo shoot exposes photographers to risks for damage of property.

Also, remember that, though most are versatile, many professional photographers work on specific niche, such as wedding photography, commercial photography, product photography, or portrait photography. Depending on your needs, you can narrow your choices based on your niche, and the kind of photography you require.

Know About Copyright

One of the many unclear things in getting the services of a photographer is about the images, particularly on who owns the images. You should know that unless the both of you put it in agreement, the owner of the pictures is the photographer. Why? This is because of Copyright, Design and Patents Act of 1988, which states that, the owner of the images belongs to the person who created them. Thus, as someone who hired the photographer, you are licensing the images, and you DO NOT own those images.

Before they can click the shutter and capture images, they consider tons of things in every shoot; from posing, lighting combinations, post-processing of image and various other aspects. They acquired these skills and learned different techniques through years of study and experience. This means you hire a professional photographer for their skills and expertise.

Additional Options

Hiring a professional photographer is also like purchasing a video game console – you simply pay for the gaming hardware, and nothing else is included. This means you need to purchase the games you wish to play, separately. When it comes to hiring a professional photographer, you definitely should ask about the different items that you need, such as the printing, getting digital rights, and image retouching.

As with other professionals in their own field, professional photographers are dedicated individuals. And they would be happy to work with you  to help you get the images you’re looking for.