Glamour Photography

Glamour photography is often seen in magazine spreads and fashion photo shoots. It is a relatively new branch of photography that developed from the erotic photography that emerged in the 1950s and 1960s. With famous models like Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page, it is easy to see why and how glamour photography developed into what it is today.

But do not expect for modern glamour photography to be similar to erotic photography of the 60s. As the name implies, it is focused more on capturing glamorous shots of top supermodels rather than titillating the senses with nudity and makeup. Today, glamour shots are used heavily for branding or ad campaigns in the marketing industry.

Even though there might be use of sexy shots in a lot of glamour photography shoots these days, the focus isn’t entirely on trying to be sexy. Instead, sex appeal is often used to get the viewer or target market’s attention for a better or bigger message. For example, in a marketing ad campaign, the sexy shot is used to draw attention to the clothes, shoes, or anything that is being marketed in the shot. It is sexually tempting but done in a subtle way.

Glamour Photography Done Right

The model is the focal point of a good glamour shot. Hence it is important to choose the model carefully. The theme should also fit into the model’s body type, facial features, makeup and clothes. Hence, there is more work involved in a glamour photo shoot than meets the eye. The first step involves conceptualization of the photo shoot. The concept will largely determine the location of the shoot – whether it is indoors or outdoors. If it is outdoors, the theme will help you to choose the actual location. Is it on the beach? Or by the pool? Or in a desert location, perhaps?

Once the theme is determined and you have chosen a location for the shoot, the next step is to find the model. It is easier if you find a model that fits into the theme, taking into account the natural physical features of the model. This will make it easier for the hair, makeup and stylist team to put together an outfit that would complement the theme and the model. The model will do the rest of the work in front of the camera.

Choosing a Glamour Photographer

From the other end of the spectrum, you need to find a high quality and experienced photographer specializing in glamour photo shoots. This type of photo shoot session is a bit different than other types of photography. There is a lot of focus on the details on the model’s face and the theme. It is important to capture the raw emotion of the model through the lens. To say that it requires special skills and finesse to take the perfect glamour shots is an understatement.

A good glamour photography shoot must consist of the above-mentioned factors. You might have a great model, but without a skilled photographer you won’t be able to capture the essence of the theme (and vice versa).