Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is one of the fastest growing branches of photography in the industry. Fashion photo spreads are becoming very in demand, in both print and digital fashion marketing efforts. Whether you are a fashion photographer or a model, you need to work together to achieve the best possible quality of photos.

Below are some tips to take into account in preparation for a fashion photo shoot for best results:

Study Other Fashion Photos

One of the best ways to create amazing fashion photography is to get ideas from other fashion photographers. You can get inspiration from them or get your creative juices flowing. It is fun to explore new concepts based on existing fashion photos. This will enable you to build on those ideas and create your own. The beauty with fashion photography is that you can use a common concept but inject your own creative flair or signature style to these photos to make them unique.

Study the Subject

A concept is only as good as how well you are able to fit the subject into that concept. If you are a fashion model, you can study your best assets so you will be able to showcase that in the photo shoot. Is it your face? Is it your smile? Or maybe it’s your beautiful physique. It is important to identify your assets and weaknesses so you are able to showcase those assets and find ways to conceal your weaknesses. This requires good communication between the subject (fashion model) and the photographer.

Know the Lighting and Shadows

Depending on the location where the photo shoot is being done, you should take the natural lighting or other light sources into consideration. Shadows are one of the trickiest things to deal with in fashion photography. A skilled and expert fashion photographer knows the way around these common photography hurdles. Hence, it is important to choose a photographer with lots of experience when it comes to fashion photo shoots.

Model Hair and Makeup

Styling the model’s hair and makeup are two crucial components to a fashion photo shoot. The hair and makeup should be consistent with your chosen theme or concept for the shoot. Hence, a good makeup artist should be used to create a look that will reinforce that concept.

The same is true for fashion styling. The clothes, shoes and accessories worn by the model should be consistent with the theme (just like the hair and makeup). This is one example of how all of the elements need to work independently but in unison with each other as well.

Model Poses

During the shoot, the model should be properly oriented about the poses to be done. There should be thorough planning beforehand so the model knows what type of look they should go for. A good fashion photo spread should tell a story. Hence, do not just dwell on the concept. Make sure you pin on a specific story or outline with which the models will base their poses and facial expressions on.

A quality fashion shoot is easier said than done. The elements listed above are merely scratching the surface as far as fashion photo shoot is concerned. But when you get these elements working together well, you are on the right track.